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Flat high-speed one-to-one mask machine

Product time:2020/10/16

A brief description:

High-speed full-automatic flat one-to-one mask machine, full-process automatic detection, counting, counting upload and abnormal alarm. Product features: One-to-one configuration, small footprint, maximum speed 80~115 pieces/min. The whole process is automated, including feeding, nose line Insertion, embossing, folding scene

The high-speed automatic one-to-one flat mask machine production line realizes the fully automated production of flat masks, mainly including roll material feeding, folding and pressing, and nose bridge rib feeding. Mask molding and cutting, ear strap feeding and welding, finished product blanking and other processes complete the entire production process from coil raw materials to mask finished products. The one-to-one flat mask machine consists of a filming machine and a full-servo earband machine. After the filming machine outputs the mask body, the mask body is transported to the upper part of the mask plate of the earband machine by the conveyor belt, and finally the handle is pressed down by the cylinder The mask piece is placed in the mask tray of the earband machine, and then the earband welding of the mask is completed by the full servo earband machine, thereby completing the production of a finished earband mask. This machine can produce all kinds of non-woven masks, smooth cloth masks, gauze masks, activated carbon masks, double nose masks, etc. It can produce 1-4 layers of non-woven masks.
The fully automatic one-to-one flat mask machine is developed by high-tech engineers. The product has beautiful appearance, stable performance, low failure rate, small size, small footprint, aluminum alloy structure, beautiful, firm, and rust-free. It is the current production speed, extremely high stability, and fully equipped mask equipment. It only needs to install the production raw materials on the feeding rack. After the debugging is completed, the machine will automatically produce. Only one person is required to operate the packaging, which fully realizes the full automatic production. The equipment adopts ultrasonic welding method, which is sanitary and environmentally friendly. The output is 80-100 pieces per minute. This machine can produce all kinds of non-woven masks, smooth cloth masks, gauze masks, activated carbon masks, double nose masks, etc. It can produce 1-4 layers of non-woven mask sheets. The automatic flat face mask machine is simple and convenient to operate and adjust, has good stability, convenient counting, accurate and high efficiency, which helps enterprises create greater profits.
1. Overall appearance size 4210*2340*2000 (mm)

Main parameters of the equipment:

Material technical parameter table:

Main equipment brands:

1. Using aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and firm. The machine adopts pulleys and fixed foot cups, with strong fixation and convenient movement;
2. PLC intelligent touch screen adjustment, high stability, low failure rate, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection;
3. The equipment can be replaced with corresponding tooling molds according to product requirements to produce products of different sizes;
4. Equipped with a new conveyor belt, automatically collect products, high accuracy, only need to sort and pack;
5. One for one configuration, small footprint, the maximum speed is 80~115 pieces/min, the whole process is automated;
6. The equipment has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, good production stability, convenient counting, accuracy and high efficiency.



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